He will carry us like a father carries his son in the wilderness.

He will carry us like a father carries his son in the wilderness.

Lord, I look to You for my source of strength, my unspeakable joy, and my perfect peace. I look to You, Lord, for You are faithful, Your promises are true. You carry me when I’m too weary to stand. In your tenderness, you wipe the tears that flow so freely.

I trust You, Lord. I depend on You. And I love You — oh how I love you! Thank You for being my Lord.  Thank You for teaching me to rest in You, to run to You when I need a safe haven. Thank You for loving me.

I pray for others who need to be reminded of Your great love. Sometimes, the difficulties of life circumvent our knowledge of Your grace and abiding Presence. You haven’t gone anywhere, but suddenly in our frustration and angst, You seem afar off — aloof to our needs.

But Lord, those are simply the lies of the enemy. Forgive us for believing him when he plays into our emotions, instead of standing on Your Word. Forgive us for letting our guard down and throwing false accusations Your way.

You have promised to never leave us nor forsake us — to be near the brokenhearted, to enclose us from in front and behind, to hold us by the right hand, and to carry us like a father who carries his son in the wilderness.

You are mighty Lord, awesome in power. Nothing is too difficult for You. No Thing. You are our strength and comfort, the Rock on which we stand. We give you praise for You alone are worthy of all praise.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray with you.

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