by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

robe swayed rhythmically, stirring the dust as He walked an often lonely trail.
He walked seeking the lonely, the hurting. He sought those who lived as
outcasts in the community. I can imagine His eyes searching, looking for those
who needed to be encouraged.

There was nothing grand or lovely in His appearance – nothing that would draw
the people to Him, nothing but His heart of exception. His heart for the
abandoned. The broken. The defeated. His heart that opened wide to receive His

When I think of the manger and Jesus’ birth, I know there is no pretense with
our God. The pretense would have been found at the inn that had no room. The
pretense would have been in the hustle and bustle of the streets demanding
special attention and a grand procession on that Holy night.

And have you ever thought about how Jesus came to earth in the dark? I can
assume this because the wise men and shepherds followed the great star to find
Him. It must have been in the dark, or at least twilight. Or maybe the

always darkest before the dawn.

I love that.

Yes, perhaps night had fallen on this earth when Jesus was born. Certainly, in
the hearts of man night had fallen. Separation from the Father God left a void,
an emptiness of unparalleled proportions. He yearned for our love. We yearned
for His touch. His Presence.

And so Jesus came.

He came to the unclean, the unholy.

He came for the broken, the unworthy.

He came for the wounded, the hurting, the lost, and the lonely.

He came.

He still comes today.

Can you hear His footsteps?

“Arise, shine; For your light has

And the glory of the Lord
is risen upon you. 

For behold, the darkness
shall cover the earth 

and deep darkness the

But the Lord will arise
over you, 

and His glory will be
seen upon you.” 

~ Isaiah 60:1-2
*first posted on December 9, 2014
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