God draws near to His struggling child.

There is something so glorious — so unfathomable — about the Lord our God: He draws near to us in our difficult place. Truly. His tender watch-care and His intimate, personal engagement with His struggling child are evident for those who will open the eyes of their hearts to see.

His child consumed with fear.

His child overwhelmed by hopelessness.

His child cast away through betrayal and rejection.

His Eyes Roam Across the Earth Looking for Those Who Love Him, Who Need to be Encouraged

This child is always on His mind. You and I are always within His vision as His eyes roam throughout the earth seeking the one who needs to be encouraged. In the palm of our Lord’s nail-scarred hands, our names are engraved near puncture wounds where the blood trickled down.

Our God draws near.

We are not alone in our difficult, broken places. And if we will but awaken the eyes of our hearts to see, we will discover the God of the Universe is with us. He makes Himself known.

The Lord sought after Hagar when she was exiled into the wilderness by Sarai. I know this because the Scripture tells us the Angel of the Lord found her in her desolate place.

God draws near to His struggling child.

Hagar saw an outcast falsely accused. God saw her brokenness and intervened.

The Lord appeared to Moses in the burning bush, in the very place Moses had resigned himself to — tending sheep in the desert for forty years after fleeing Pharaoh’s wrath.

The Angel of the Lord came down because He had heard the cries of His people being held captive by the Egyptians. He came to make it clear to Moses that he was the chosen one to deliver the people of God. Into Moses’ doubt and insecurities, God spoke confidence and reassurance to him.

Moses saw a failure. God saw a leader.

God Comes Down from Heaven into the Midst of Our Difficult Places

Gideon was hiding in a winepress threshing wheat when the Angel of the Lord found him and sat down to speak with Gideon. God had a plan of deliverance for His people once again, and Gideon, in his youth and simplicity, was the chosen one. God called Gideon “a mighty man of valor!” even though Gideon had grown discouraged and afraid of the relentless assaults of the Midianites.

Gideon saw a coward. God saw a warrior.

Fast forward to the woman at the well in John 4. She was a Samaritan woman ostracized by her community because of her lifestyle. The only time she could gather water at the community well was at noon, the hottest time of day because the other women came early in the morning or in the cool of the evening.

Jesus knew she would be there. Why else would He tell His disciples he had to go to Samaria on their travels to Galilee? A Jew, especially a rabbi, would go out of his way to avoid Samaria because it was a land of pagans and would make him unclean.

God draws near to His struggling child

But Jesus had to go. He knew the woman, mocked and the target of gossip in her community would be there and would need to learn of His Living Water where she would thirst no more.

The woman saw isolation and failure. Jesus saw an evangelist.

Oh, what manner of love is this?

Our God comes down from heaven, right into the middle of our circumstances, and makes Himself known. As we abide in Him, He meets us where we are, speaking life into our broken places. God draws near to our brokenness to soothe and comfort us.

But are the eyes of our hearts open so that we might see and know and understand?

Do we anticipate the presence of the One who promised to never leave us and to be near in our distress? Do we listen for His delicate whispers that stir deep within our spirit?

God Draws Near to Us When We Need Him the Most

God’s tender watch-care is real, it is tangible in our most difficult places. I encourage you to accept this by faith according to the Word of God!

When we take hold of the truth that the Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth knows our every need and every concern, and then pursues us with His love, our lives are forever changed.

In that moment, we will know that we know we are never alone.



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