by Nan Jones   @NanJonesAuthor

Guest Blogger,  Jamie Britt   @britt_jamie

I’m excited to introduce my precious friend, Jamie Britt to you. Jamie and I met online about five years ago and have loved each other ever since. She is an amazing young woman full of compassion for others, and sheer grit when it comes to following the call of God on her life. You see, Jamie was born completely blind. How she does the things she does on her computer, I will never understand. Like I said, she is amazing. Jamie and I are praying that the words of her heart will encourage you and give you strength for the journey.

Welcome Jamie!

As I came in
from church one Sunday afternoon a few years ago, I was called by my mom to
join her in our living room.  At this
point, I suspected nothing.  In the next
few moments, my mom would share with me that she and my dad would no longer be
together.  To say I was utterly shocked
would be an understatement.  After the
initial shock wore off, depression and longing began to set in.  I had the longing for things to return to
During the next year, I learned
more about my relationship with God than ever before.  There were days when the enormity of the
situation brought me to my knees.  That
was where I began learning what pressing in to the Lord really meant.  Did my circumstances change? No.  My parents unfortunately didn’t get back
together.  My life as I’d known it for
the last twenty-one years would never be the same.  Did I grow spiritually? Absolutely.  As I pressed in, something happened that I
didn’t think was possible.  I began to
have peace once again.  It was an
unexplainable, but sweet peace.   
What in
your life had you in such shock that there was nothing else you knew to do
other than cry out to God? Maybe it wasn’t the news of an impending separation
and divorce.  Maybe it was a death.  Maybe it was an unexpected medical
report. Let me encourage you
during those times; really press in to God like never before.
“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” 
~ James 4:8

Father, I pray
for my reader.  Lord, give her the
strength to overcome the shock waves of her situation.  Show her what it means to press in to You
during this painful time.  In Jesus Name,
A Tweetable to Encourage Others
Meet Jamie:

Jamie Britt is a
devotional writer living in NC.  Her
ministry is centered around helping women know that no matter how badly they’ve been
hurt, God is able to redeem anything. 
She also wants women to realize that her insecurities don’t make her
any less of a person in God’s eyes-in fact, it’s just the opposite.  Every person is treasured by the Lord.  She’s a four-time graduate of the Writers
Advance Boot Camp and a 2011 graduate of the NCompass writers retreat.  Currently, she’s working on her first book
with the tentative title of: Turning A Blind Eye: Overcoming Offense and
.  To learn more, you may visit
her at: For prayer requests, you may contact Jamie directly at