Oh Lord, to know You in the fullness of Your love is our prayer.

Oh Lord, to know You in the fullness of Your love is our prayer.

I love You Lord. You are beyond wonderful in all of Your ways. It’s hard to imagine that Your thoughts are always toward me and that You stand ready to catch me lest I fall. And yet it’s true. You delight in caring for Your children.

How great is Your Love! It reaches to the highest heavens and it flows like a giant waterfall into the lowest valleys of our hearts. We cannot grasp its height, or width, or depth, but I want to Lord. I want to know the fullness of Your love. Thank You for giving me a glimpse. Even a glimpse is almost too glorious to fathom.

I ask that You touch those who are hurting today — touch them and make them whole once again. Many lives lay shattered among broken dreams. That’s a frightening place to be. But You tell us repeatedly to not be afraid because You are with us wherever we go and that greater are You within us than the enemy that is in the world. Immerse us in the fullness of Your love, plunging us to its depth and raising us up to new life once again.

Guard the hearts and minds of my friends that they would find solace in You and not be influenced by things of the world. You are the victory Lord, not the things You provide in the midst of our crisis. YOU are the victory — our great reward.

Oh! Bless You Lord for the knowledge of this Truth. You are simply amazing and we cherish You for it.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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