Keeping our hands to the plow

Keeping our hands to the plow

I want my heart to be steadfast Lord, and not tossed about by circumstances. I want my hand to hold steady to the plow, moving forward with eyes focused on You, plowing the fields, planting the seeds, and reaping the harvest for Your glory. I have work to do — Your work — and don’t want to let You down. I want to glorify You with my life.

But Lord, I need Your help. I must go forward in Your strength, and not my own, for the burdens are too great to carry. Help me kneel before You and roll these burdens from my back over to the foot of the cross.

You are my Burden-Bearer. You do not wish that I shrink beneath the responsibility and demands of this work. I choose to go forward in Your strength, girded about by Your grace, protected by Your might, and sheltered by Your mercy.

Steady my heart and strengthen my resolve to do Your will — to lay down my life for my friends with You as my example. You who gave all for the sake of others. You who died to self to say yes to Your Heavenly Father.

Strengthen me Lord. Give me the wings of an eagle to rise above the fatigue and distractions that weigh me down. Help me take flight into the heights of heaven to see my life and purpose from Your perspective.

Help me go forward in the power and authority of Your Name — the name above all Names.


In Your Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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Shadia was born in the ethnic melting pot of Manhattan’s Lower East Side — the first child of immigrant parents. In time, she came to have three parents (step-dad makes three) and they could not have made a more diverse religious mix, coming from Lutheran, Muslim, and Jewish homes. Adding to that mix came friends from Catholic, Buddhist, and New Age backgrounds. And now, because of Jesus, she has given her life to help those in need of restoration in their own lives. I know her remarkable Redemption story will touch you and give you strength for the journey.

If you would like to share your testimony of finding the nearness of God in your darkest moments, please contact me at I want to feature folks from all walks of life. You don’t have to be a writer. I can edit your story for you. God is glorified when we use our pain to help others find comfort in Him.