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Guest Blogger: Denise Loock,   @DLoock

It’s such a joy to introduce you to my editor and friend, Denise Loock. This remarkable woman loves to dig deep in God’s Word to find nuggets of gold. She writes from a humble heart which draws her readers in, and then bathes them in the goodness of God. Join me now as Denise teaches us how to come boldly before the Lord and ask Him to show us His glory.

Welcome, Denise!

I didn’t
want to get out of bed. But I had to. My two children needed to be awakened,
dressed, fed, and taken to the bus stop. Discipline finally shoved my feet onto
the floor.

The urge to
cocoon myself in bedcovers nagged me every morning. Marital conflict had
shredded the fabric of our family. The emotional and financial security I’d
relied on for thirteen years lay in fragments. I was tempted to throw all the
pieces into the garbage can.

The fabric
of my faith seemed threadbare too. I mended it daily with prayer and Bible
reading. But the constant strain of uncertainty, anger, and heartache created
new holes morning, noon, and night.

One day’s
devotional reading took me to Exodus 33. Spiritually bruised by the golden calf
episode, Moses cried out to God, “Show me your glory.”

what I need, Lord,” I whispered. “Your glory. I need your presence to fill me
with hope, to give me strength to make it through this day.”

“All my
goodness will pass before you,” God said to Moses. And to me.


“Exactly,” God
seemed to say. “I’m a good, faithful, compassionate God. I always do what is
right. I did what was right for Moses. I’ll do what’s right for you.”

My broken
heart throbbed, resisting the truth God’s Word spoke.

“My glory
surrounds you all the time,” God assured me. “My goodness, mercy,
righteousness, and love. Open your eyes.”

throbbing eased. Calmness cocooned me. The comfort
of God’s presence and the certainty of His promises seeped into my soul.

verse flitted across my mind, “The heavens declare the glory of God.”

The Holy
Spirit within me whispered, “What are you declaring today?”

“I don’t
have anything to give,” I murmured. “I’m empty. I need help. Strength. Wisdom.”

“To ask for
what you need glorifies My name.”

“I’m such a
mess, Lord. Thank You for loving me anyway, for the comfort of Your Word, for
Your presence with me.”

“To thank Me
for what you receive glorifies My name.”

Some days
it’s difficult to see God’s glory. But that doesn’t mean it’s not present,
anymore than a cloudy day means the sun isn’t present. Circumstances may
eclipse God’s glory—the splendor of His character and the certainty of His
promises—but they can never erase it.

In His
mercy, God eventually mended my marriage, but other problems have arisen over the
years. On many occasions the storm clouds of family conflicts, financial
setbacks, and work-related stress have drenched my faith and veiled God’s

Some days I
ask God to show me His glory—not because I think it isn’t there, but because
the eyes of my faith are too blurred by pride, anger, or pain to see it. I ask
God to reveal Himself to me in simple ways: the grasp of a friend’s hand, the
color wheel of a sunrise, a safe trip to the grocery store, or the sharp bite
of dark chocolate.

I’m also
learning to declare His glory whether I see it or not: to ask when I’m in need,
to thank Him when I’ve received, and to pass His goodness on to others.

God’s glory
surrounds us. Do our lives mirror its brilliance?

“Then he[Moses] said to Him, ‘If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us? So we shall be separate, Your people and I, from all the people who are upon the face of the earth.’ So the Lord said to Moses, ‘I will also do this thing that you have spoken; for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name.’ And Moses said, ‘Please, show me Your glory.'” ~ Exodus 33:15-17

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Loock is a freelance writer, speaker, and editor. Her two devotionals, Open
Your Hymnal
and Open
Your Hymnal Again
, encourage readers to open their hearts to the timeless
biblical truths that classic hymns and gospel songs contain. She is also the
founder of Dig Deeper Devotions,
a website dedicated to encouraging and enabling Christians to dig deeper into
God’s Word.
As a
nonfiction book editor, she uses her twenty-nine years’ experience as an
English teacher to help Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas produce high
quality, engaging inspirational books. As the editor for The Journey Christian Newspaper, she coordinates, edits, and
proofreads articles for four print editions and the online edition (visit She also accepts freelance editing projects. Visit for details. Contact her at