Give thanks, even when circumstances say otherwise

I am so very thankful for each of you, my readers. I want you to know that you are the Beloved of God, the apple of His eye … His special treasure. Even if circumstances say otherwise, give thanks for who He is. Trust His heart. Allow Him to gently lift your chin and tilt your head so that you might look up and behold His glory.

In the light of His presence, the darkness must flee.

In the light of His presence, our difficult places grow smaller because of His greatness.

I Give Thanks for You, My Reader

I also want you to know you are loved by me. How can I ever thank you enough for your support, encouragement, prayers, and faithfulness? I believe it is impossible, but I trust the Lord will impart my gratitude to you.

I wouldn’t want to walk this journey without you.

As we celebrate a day to give thanks, I encourage you to celebrate the goodness of the Lord. How life-changing it is to grasp the knowledge that He is still good no matter how difficult or painful our circumstances are. His love remains. His faithfulness still reaches to the highest mountain and flows to the lowest valley.

Give thanks, even when the circumstances say otherwise

I know this because I have experienced it. There are no words to adequately express His love and His mercies that are new every morning. But my heart surely testifies to His goodness. My prayer is that you, too, will be determined to find God’s goodness in every circumstance, especially the difficult ones, and that you too will find the grace to give thanks, even if circumstances say otherwise.

Doing so will give you the wings of eagles to rise up and soar above the storm.

We can trust Him.

Give Thanks, Even If … For Our God is Worthy

Like Charles Spurgeon once said, “God is too good to be unkind. He is too wise to make a mistake. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.”

His heart is turned towards us, His children. He knows our coming-ins and our going-outs. He knows our thoughts before they are spoken. He knows our broken places and draws near, calling to us from the deep recesses of our hearts.

Our God is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving.

Even if …

You are loved,



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