How to know the magnificence of God and His voice

I sat on the knoll beneath our apple tree. A stiff breeze showered me with apple blossoms while I peeked through the limbs at a thunderhead brewing on the edge of a periwinkle sky. My mind drifted. How is it that I can know the magnificence of God? His majesty. His holiness … His awesome power.

Nature Speaks to the Magnificence of God

I thought of the day when He said, “I will be your God and You will be My child” — that wondrous day of my salvation when I entered into a covenant love with my Maker.

That day I asked Him to be my first love.

Unfortunately, sometimes I take that relationship for granted.

I hear Him whisper my name to come and sit awhile … but I choose to continue in a mindless activity.

how to know the magnificence of God

He nudges me to open His Word … but I’m too busy.

In full exasperation I ask Him for peace or guidance … yet I can’t sit still long enough to listen for His answer.

The sky grew darker as the thunderstorm consumed the clear spring day. Thunder began to roar in the distance prompting me to consider the many voices of God — powerful like the clamor of air masses butting up against one another.

Soft like the gentle breeze as He passes by on the wings of the wind.

And then there is the delicate whisper deep within me — that still, small voice reminding me I am His.

His booming voice, His gentle and delicate whisper … all speak to the magnificence of who He is.

how to know the magnificence of God and His voice

A difficult season of life has been my companion for some time. I have fought for sanity and battled weariness. Impossible decisions loom ahead. The struggle is real.

But on this day beneath the apple tree and stormy sky, God reminded me that He goes before me and will make the crooked places straight.

Because He goes before me, shouldn’t I be aware of His footsteps? If I follow close enough, can I see His footprints as He makes the path ready for me?

Yes, in my spirit … yes, because His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. His Word is the blueprint of the covenant we share, the framework of our remarkable relationship.

There must be the following close to really know Him and recognize His voice and His footsteps leading us onward.

I have set my heart to know Him.

By studying His Word, digging deep looking for treasures. By praying throughout the day — talking with the Lord and listening for His response. By spending time in fellowship with other Believers. By seeking Him first and foremost, no matter how crazy life becomes.

I desire for Him to be my first love, the delight of my heart.

Is It Possible to Know Him Intimately?

Is it truly possible to grasp the magnificence of God and yet know His tender watch-care as step by step He leads me? And you?

All the paths of the Lord are lovingkindness and goodness and truth and faithfulness to those who keep His covenant and His testimonies. ~ Psalm 25:10, AMP

Lovingkindness [mercy]. Goodness. Truth. Faithfulness.

What wonderful stepping-stones as He leads us higher and higher along the path to eternity — that place of glory where the magnificence of God illuminates the darkness forever.



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