how to recognize God's voice

Like a song drifting through the darkness of night, I could recognize God’s voice, a whisper, calling, Come to Me, Nan. Come to Me. Gentle. Persuasive — a voice overflowing with a love that softens the rough edges of difficult places …

… a love that soothes and comforts, restores, and renews.

I Heard and I Recognized God’s Voice

Come to Me, and I will give you rest.

“Rest? You will give me rest? Is it possible, Lord, to find rest from my sorrow, from the afflictions of my soul?

I learned to listen so I could recognize God's voice

“Troubles run deep. Shards from broken places prick at me on the best of days but cause great pain on those days I allow my focus to drift from You, those days Your voice is still and small and beyond earshot.

“You, too, know this pain, Lord — this place of deep-rooted sorrow. There must be a crucifixion before there can be a crown. There must be surrender before there can be victory. I know this and I understand this, but …

“I’m restless, Lord. RestLESS, even though You promised to give me rest — intermission — if I will only come to You, if I will lay aside my agenda, my plans, my will, and come to You.

“You are my peace.”

I rocked back and forth on the porch swing grasping my tissue tattered and torn by relentless tears. I knew how to recognize God’s voice, so why was I still so troubled?

From the old juniper gracing our front yard, a glorious melody rang out — birdsong.

It rippled through the branches and rode the breath of a gentle breeze straight to my heart, reminding me of the gift of praise — the sacred place that unites me with my God.

He dwells in my song.

He dwells in your song.

But many times, it requires of us a sacrifice of praise.

His Presence brings peace and comfort — rest. Rest from a world with endless striving. Rest from the sadness we carry when burdens weigh us down.

His Presence lifts us from the miry clay and sets us high upon the Rock far above our enemy.

The Whisper Found Depth and Rose Into a Song of Its Own

As I listened to the cardinal’s song, a soft melody stirred within me — a whisper in the darkness dimming my light. “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty …”

how to recognize God's voice

The whisper found depth and rose — it rose into a song of its own. I joined voices with the melody resonating through the juniper and offered praise to the One who called me to Himself to give me rest.

“Early in the morning, my song shall rise to Thee.” My voice grew stronger, “Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty. God in three persons, blessed Trinity.”

I leaned back against the swing and closed my eyes. The Spirit of God enfolded me and I smiled. I recognized God’s voice in the song and He soothed me.

I smiled in His place of rest.



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