How to Wait on the Faithfulness of God

The earth lay silent, still covered in snow now frozen from last week’s storm. Darkness hovered, waiting on the morning light. I waited also … on the sunrise, but I was also learning how to wait on the faithfulness of God.

As Sure as The Sunrise is the Faithfulness of Our God

Sitting by the window, morning coffee in hand, I waited … anticipated … looked for the rising of the sun with its glorious shades of apricot and lavender.

Each morning’s sunrise is sure.

God’s faithfulness is also sure.

But with His faithfulness comes waiting, and resisting the doubt.

how to wait on the faithfulness of God

Our God is Lord over all the earth. He hung the stars in place and told the ocean how far it could come.

He orchestrates each moment of every day for those who love Him, and in the orchestration, His fingerprints of faithfulness glimmer with glorious light across our circumstances.

As sure as the sunrise.

I’m learning there is a time for everything under the sun — God’s timing. Perfect timing. Timing seen through the lens of eternity. I’m learning that trust and anticipation is how to wait on the faithfulness of God …

Through eyes of faith.

I looked towards the mountain ridge where the slightest gleam of light peeked above the trees — very slight, but it was there, just like a glimmer of hope in our waiting.

How to wait on the faithfulness of God

I focused my attention on that small light, and there before my eyes it grew and spread out and exploded in glorious shades of orange and gold, with lavender coursing like a river across the sky.

The Lord quickened a verse to me: Isaiah 43:19, “Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and river in the desert.”

The faithfulness of God.

Can we fathom the depth of this Truth?

Can we wait with surety in our hearts knowing He has heard our cry and is, even now, working on our behalf, putting all the pieces together for our good?

“I WILL do a new thing,” says the Lord.

“It SHALL spring forth.”

“I WILL make a road in your wilderness.”

“I WILL make a river in your desert.”

This is Why and How to Wait on The Faithfulness of God

The darkness of night had dissipated from the earth. One last apricot cloud hung over the mountain ridge making sure I recognized who its Creator is — making sure I took note that the wait was worth it, the reward of trusting in the faithfulness of the sunrise divine.

As sure as the sunrise is the faithfulness of our God.

Learning how to wait on the faithfulness of God is divine, also.



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