how to heal from hidden wounds of the heart

Hidden Wounds Need/Want to be Healed

The old wooden door creaked on its hinges as I gently pushed it open. Inside, beneath the musty shadows of the barn, lay hidden evidence of a life — someone’s story. Some items held value, but many were unwanted, many were simply forgotten, and all were gathering dust from neglect.

The memories lay in darkness, but the opening of the door introduced light, revealing their existence.

Our hearts can be much like this dark, musty barn. We hide things away, some treasures, but most things hidden are things long forgotten and unwanted — hidden wounds. Things that gather dust and cobwebs and frequent rodents of destruction.

Being hidden in darkness does not negate their existence. If anything, hidden wounds cowering in the shadows can fester, the roots of their harm inching deep into our soul without our knowledge.

Learning how to heal from hidden wounds takes time.

Being hidden does not negate their existence.

So how do we heal from hidden wounds of the heart? Is it even possible?

A few mornings ago I read an intriguing verse, Psalm 119:130: “The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

I couldn’t get that concept out of my mind, “The entrance of Your words gives light … “

The entrance. The releasing.

Of His Word.

God’s Word brings light and life and all things wonderful, yes? But God’s Word is also sharper than a two-edged sword that cuts deep and divides those things within us that are not of God. His Word instructs us and pinpoints things in us that do not line up with His will and His way.

God’s Word is Like a Scalpel Helping us Heal from Hidden Wounds

But, if His Word is like a sword cutting deep, I also can imagine it being like a surgeon’s scalpel, opening the wounds of our heart buried beneath the shadows of pain and shame.

Can you see it? His Word — the ENTRANCE of His Word bringing light into the darkness?

To be healed from hidden wounds, we must find courage to ask for God’s help.

To heal from hidden wounds of the heaert we must first open the door and let God in.

For the Word of God to enter, we must open the door.

Ever so slightly at first, if the thought of unveiling is too frightening. But that step of obedience and yearning to be free will be embraced by our Father’s love. Speak the Name of Jesus and He will come alongside you, taking Your hand, carrying you across this frightening threshold.

Jesus will be there.

Sound too simple? We are the ones who complicate our faith. Not God. His command is to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. To seek Him first and all these things will be added unto us — peace, joy, immense love and contentment.

Jesus responds to the mention of His Name. Every. Time.

His Presence will infuse you with strength and courage. His love will melt the heart of stone to begin heal you from these hidden wounds.

His Truth will set you free.

It won’t be easy, this divine surgical removal of hidden wounds. But your cooperation with the Holy Spirit will set you free from their captivity.

As you allow God’s Word to enter your darkness, you may want to begin with the Psalms. David is such a wonderful example of authentic faith wrapped in raw emotion. He didn’t play church. He spoke with his Father about his fears, his frustrations, his anger. BUT afterwards, David always encouraged himself in the Lord by exalting the Lord his God with praise.

We must learn to do the same. To be real with God. To be comfortable in His Presence. To long for His Word, opening its pages, and letting the light into the hidden wounds of our heart.

God’s Love Through His Word Brings Healing

God’s unfailing love will heal and deliver us as we trust Him, as we yield to His authority — to His surgical scalpel.

The entrance of God’s words gives light; giving understanding to the simple, and healing to the soul.



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