“He will yet fill your mouth with laughing, and your lips with rejoicing.”
(Job 8:21)

“He will YET fill…”

Are you in a dark season of your life?
Are you hanging on by a thread, determined not to give into the jeering accusations of the enemy? Then read this verse again and let it fill you to overflowing…

“He will YET fill your mouth with laughing, and your lips with rejoicing.”

He will! Our God promises to bring us through the cold, dark places into His marvelous Light.

The Hebrew word for rejoice, sus (soos), is derived from the verb sason (sa-son). This is the complete opposite of mourning. Sason describes the kind of joy that is pervasive and irresistible.

This reminds me of a familiar saying, “I’ve got my tickle-box turned over.”

Isn’t that kind of laughter the most refreshing experience in the world? Joy floods every ounce of our being, sides & cheeks hurt from the robustness of the hilarity, and, for a moment, our spirit leaps with the reckless abandon of a child.

And usually, I don’t even know what I’m laughing at, do you?! It comes in waves – waves of refreshing Living Water. And I love it!

I think this is what Job 8:21 is referring to – unspeakable joy.

Even though the night is long, joy comes in the morning – pervasive, irresistible joy.

Lord, Thank You for the gift of laughter. Thank You for Your promise of joy. And thank You for not letting go when we dangle there in our vulnerability before the accusations of the enemy. You are our buckler and our shield. You, Lord, are mighty and faithful. And I believe You enjoy a good laugh too. I love You, Lord.