“Break forth into joy, sing together, you waste places of Jerusalem! For the Lord has comforted His people, He has redeemed Jerusalem. The Lord has made bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.”
(Isaiah 52:9,10)

This scripture is addressing Jerusalem – the people of God – who have been held in captivity by Babylon. They have been greatly influenced by pagan worship, sorcery and idolatry. Primarily, the Israelites have forgotten who they are – the covenant people of the Great I AM.

And now, God is going to take His people back from their enemies.

I would like for you to consider something for a moment: Are there waste places in your life? Are there areas that you have come in bondage to, perhaps allowed to take precedence over your relationship with the Lord?

I have.

I have allowed the complexities of life to bombard me, rob me of my joy, steal away the Light that I hold so dear. I have allowed the enemy to penetrate and cause me to forget who I am in Christ.

But I cried out to God.
And others cried out on my behalf.

And this morning God said, “Break forth into joy and sing, you waste places of Nan, for the Lord has comforted you and redeemed you. Nan, I have rolled up my sleeves to fight for you and take you back from the enemy.”

God has rolled up His sleeves for me and for you. That’s what the phrase, “The Lord has made bare His holy arm” means! Can you see that mighty image? Our Father God loves us so completely – so powerfully – that He fights passionately to uphold, preserve and sustain His children.

Praise His Name!

Beloved, are you like me? Have you forgotten to drink from the fountain of Living Water? Have you become complacent with the most important relationship in your life – that of the Lord your God?

Then confess your sin to Him.
Cry out for deliverance from the clutches of the evil one.

And fall on your knees in thanksgiving and praise.

Father, I do praise You! Thank you for Your faithfulness to hear the cry of Your children. Thank You for Your faithfulness to deliver us from the snare of the fowler, to set us upon Your high places where we are safe under the shadow of Your wing. You are a mighty God, a powerful warrior. Your love is amazing. Thank You, Lord.