God speaks to us in many ways … even through a starry night

It was January 20, 2019.

Total lunar eclipse on a clear, starry night.

We sat on the front stoop with heads tilted back and eyes gazing upward, overtaken by wonder and awe. The earth’s shadow had totally eclipsed the moon leaving a globe the color of bittersweet hanging high in the heavens by the Master’s hand.

The sight was mind-boggling.

But then, in that ethereal moment that mesmerized the earth, God spoke into my difficult places.

Through the stars …

The beauty of a starry night.

Through the stars that scattered across the black of night like a diamond-studded carpet, layers upon layers of stars I had never been able to see before.

Diamond-studded night skies are common high above our rural mountain home. The absence of street lamps, neon signs, and the chaos of civilization make for a beautiful canvas.

But this night was different.

As the earth was engulfed in total darkness, millions of stars appeared — stars that had been there from generation to generation, yet hidden. The absence of moonlight allowed their presence to be made known.

Not until the shadows of night slipped over us could the stars be seen — tiny pinpoints declaring the glory of God’s creation.

Sometimes, not until shadows of difficulty slip over us can we see the light of God’s promises — pinpoints of Truth that have been there all along.

Promises of God’s Truth from generation to generation:

  • I am the Lord who changes not.
  • I am for you, not against you.
  • When you pass through the water I will be with you. You will not drown. When you pass through the flames, you will not be burned.
  • I will carry you as a father carries his son in the wilderness.
  • No weapon formed against you will prosper.
  • I will never leave you, nor forsake you.
  • What I say, I will be faithful to fulfill. My Word will not return to Me void.
All because of a starry night …

Pinpoints of Truth.

All because of a starry night.

That night I needed to be reminded of the Lord’s greatness in the midst of a very difficult place. Maybe you do too.

Isn’t He amazing?



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