“Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.”
(Psalm 147:1-5)

“…praise is beautiful.”

Have you ever seen this before? Me, either! But it warmed my heart as soon as I read it.

God’s Word is like that.

David is offering praise because he is taking time to remember the goodness of the Lord. Oh, that we would do the same, friends. David’s remembrance of God’s faithfulness causes praise to swell within him – unabated, unconditional praise.

And I don’t think he holds back. Repeatedly, the Scriptures tell us that David sang to the Lord, danced before Him, shouted joyfully before His God. David didn’t just mutter his praise…he REJOICED in God, His Savior.

I believe David could do that because he took time to remember God’s goodness, His mercy and His love. David took His God out of the proverbial box – he let God be God in his life!!

And when David did this, he could not help but praise the Almighty God.

After all, praise is beautiful.

Not only to us…but, also to the Father.


Praise You, Lord!! May my praise be a sweet aroma to you. May You find it beautiful, pleasant and heartfelt. I remember Your goodness, Lord and I stand amazed at Your power and Your mercy. I give You praise and honor, Lord. I love You.