Crackling Sound of Leaves ... Were the Trees Clapping in Praise?

I walked beneath the pine canopy that rises above our country road. Boughs of oak limbs stretched into the arch above me, making themselves known among the evergreens. Aged split-railed fencing, silvered by the sun, ran alongside the road. I heard a sound and paused. A crackling sound of leaves behind me caught my attention. It seemed almost rhythmic.

The Crackling  Sound of Leaves Was Rhythmic

Turning, I witnessed an amazing sight — hundreds of leaves in shades of burgundy and brown twirling and swirling to the ground. The crackling sound was heard as they bounced from limb to limb and then landed on the road below.

The crackling sound of leaves was rhythmic.

I can’t remember ever experiencing this before. Falling leaves. Yes. But the crackling sound of leaves like a multitude of tiny hands clapping? No.

To witness falling leaves accompanied by a melody of soft percussion left me speechless. It was as though the trees were clapping their hands in the gentle breeze.

A smile curled my lips as I recalled a favorite Scripture:

“You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!” ~ Isaiah 55:12, NLT

I stood mesmerized by the sound and by the imagery dancing through my mind as I considered the trees clapping praise before the Lord.

Through the crackling sound of leaves, the trees were clapping, reminding me that people need the Lord.

And then the Lord began to open my eyes so I could see.
I could see the trees as people.

There were the evergreen branches of the pine and cedar sharing the forest turf with oaks and locusts whose branches remained stark and vulnerable. Spring lay in wait around the corner, but only the evergreens revealed its new life.

Same forest. Same sun. Same rain. But some trees flourished while others lay dormant through the bitter cold of the winter.

I began to see the trees as people with souls — some flourishing, others just waiting for a taste of new life … a thirsty spirit, a broken heart, a mind clouded with anxiety and depression. And the sad thing to me was that those souls lying dormant were surrounded by the ones clapping their hands and singing for joy.

Same world. Same Son. Same Holy Spirit. But some of the people flourished while others lay dormant through the bitterness of life.

People Need the Lord

How can it be? We have so much to give to a hurting world!

We stand in line at the grocery story noticing the etched lines of enormous stress on the cashier’s face. The elderly man on the park bench fiddles with his wedding band while a tear escapes his saddened eyes. The young woman stands on the street corner looking for someone to fill the void in her life because she has never been told of the ONE who loves her enough to die for her and give her new life.

And all the while the Church goes about singing for joy and clapping our hands.



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