“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”
(James 4:8)

I have often stood on this promise of God. What a comfort it is to know that when I cry out to Him, He will respond. As I stretch out my hands to Him for deliverance, or hope, or peace…or for just a warm embrace, My God responds.

I love that.

I found a poem written by Hetty Bowman in 1872. Her poem beautifully expresses my thoughts on this precious verse. I believe it will bless you as much as it has me.

Draw Nigh To God, And He Will Draw Nigh To You

Weary and faint
Our garments stained with sin and soiled with tears –
Not tears that fall like blessed summer rain,
But heavy drops of pain,
Wrung from the heart’s deep passion and distress,
Wrung from the yearning of its tenderness –
Thus – with the guilt and grief of days and years
We do draw nigh.

Yes – we draw nigh!
We are not worthy, Lord, to seek Thy face –
Not worthy – for our need is all our plea –
Yet may we come to Thee –
Nor fear to bring our darkness to Thy light,
All pure and holy in Thy perfect sight,
Clad in the white robe of our Saviour’s grace –
So we draw nigh.

Yes, we draw nigh –
To Thee, the Comforter, we come for peace, –
Thou knowest, Lord, our weakness and our fear,
And Thou wilt surely hear, –
Wilt hear the cry that from life’s wild wide sea
Rises from hearts that only cling to Thee; –
One look, one word, can bid our anguish cease –
So we draw nigh.

Thou wilt draw nigh!
Father – it is no dream that Thou art near –
No dream that, in my sin and misery,
I may look up to Thee, –
May hide beneath the shadow of Thy wings,
From all the restlessness of outward things,
And from my own heart’s self-accusing fear –
For Thou art nigh!

Beloved, hide beneath the shadow of His wings, from all the restlessness of outward things, for it is no dream…our God is near.

Yes, He is near.

Father, what a blessed thought this poem provides! Help us to grasp the reality of Your Presence, the power and strength this truth affords. You are so very faithful to Your Word. Your love for us is nothing short of amazing. Thank You, Father. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.