“And there shall be stability in your times, and abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is your treasure and His. ” ~ Isaiah 33:6, Amplified Study Bible

The kids skipped along the rocky path that meandered through the mountain glen. Hemlocks bowed their lacy branches while tall pine trees made a beeline to the sky. Regal red oaks playfully tossed acorns at my children’s feet.
“Treasure! Mom, I found a treasure!” they each squealed as acorns and pine-cones, white quartz and feathers were carefully placed in our basket.
Their precious treasures were much sought after. Young eyes scanned the trail as they walked along. Anticipation – expectation – gleamed in their expressions of hope and the thrill of the hunt. Treasure hunting was a big deal in our family.
Still is.
Isaiah said, “…the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is your treasure and His.” 
Your treasure.
Do we seek after the Lord with anticipation and expectation of finding Him worthy? Are our eyes open to see Him all about us – in the simple things, in the complex things…in the amazing moments of our lives? Do we approach Him as a treasure trove abounding in wisdom and knowledge and goodness and love – Someone we must find?
I asked the Lord to help me behold His glory, to understand His majesty and His Holiness. It was there that I found my treasure. It was there that I gained a glimpse of how great our God is. Jehovah God holds the seas in the hollow of His hands. He rides along the wings of the wind; the clouds are but the dust of His feet. And even so, He cared that my children found acorns and pine-cones and white quartz and feathers to thrill their little hearts.

And He cares that we find our treasure in Him – the Lord of Everything.

Father, Help us to behold Your glory, to understand Your majesty, to revere Your Holiness. Stir up a hunger within each of us to know You more. We long to drink of Your Living Water and to be changed from glory to glory into the image of Your Son Jesus. Please grant us wisdom and knowledge in our search for Your hidden treasure. Open our eyes to see You in all things. Thank You Lord. You are more beautiful than words can say. We love You Lord and we give You praise.


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