“The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me – A prayer to the God of my life.” ~ Psalm 42:8, NJKV

I have been drawn to this scripture all day. 
Seeking understanding. Praying for wisdom. Grasping revelation.
Wanna know what I thought of?
The word “command” intrigued me and caused me to think of God’s spoken word – the very Word that spoke the world into existence. His command – His spoken Word – is powerful. It is intentional with purpose. And it does not return to Him without accomplishing that for which it was spoken.
God commands His lovingkindness towards His children. This is a reference to mercy (chesed in Hebrew) which refers to God’s covenant loyalty, love and faithfulness – His kindness. In other words, because of who He is, and because of His great love, we are bathed in His goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, His protection, His comfort, His Fatherly discipline, His strength…whatever is needed at any moment of any day. His spoken Word is that of lovingkindness.
In the daytime, we can see the Lord working in our lives.
In the daytime, everything is falling into place.
In the daytime, our souls are at peace and laughter comes easy.
But what about the night?
“In the night His song will be with me. It will be as a prayer to the God of my life.”
Although darkness may fall about us, His song, His praise, His Presence will always be with us – unless we choose to walk away. Unless we choose to sit and sour. Unless we choose to turn our backs on the One Who loves us in spite of ourselves.
His song will be with us in the darkest of nights. In fact, I have learned to open my ears to hear His song when the night threatens me with fear. And in that moment, as His song draws near, I realize that the darkness is but the shadow of His wing.



I know many who are searching in the night for His great love. Please join me in prayer for those who are struggling to hang on, those who are reaching through their darkness for the Hand that rescues. Call them by name to El Roi – the God Who Sees and knows all about it. Please share this with someone who needs to hear His song.

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