God is with us, especially in the valley.

God is with us, especially in the valley.

Lord, thank You for being my Shepherd who leads me and guides me — who takes care of all my needs. Even when my path follows deep valley trails, You are with me. You comfort me. You help me over the obstacles in my way.

And You always give me a view of the mountaintop, especially from the lowest valley. Your mountaintop. Your glory. Your holiness. Thank You Lord.

I know many trudging through a valley right now. Remind them of Your presence with them, Lord. Open their eyes to see the things worthy of praise, even in the valley — especially in the valley: Your river of Living Water. The lush greens of new growth. The resting places to ponder Your majesty on the mountaintop.

Valleys are indeed beautiful, for it is there that we may behold Your glory. Thank You for this insight.

I ask that You encourage my friends and strengthen them in their weariness, in their difficult places. Replace their sorrow with joy, their despair with hope. Lead them in the paths or righteousness straight to Your throne of grace and renew them by the power of Your love.

Thank You for hearing us when we cry out to You and responding to the voice of Your child. You are so faithful Lord. So merciful and kind. You are a good, good Father and we love you very much.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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