I am strong Lord, because of Your strength.

I am strong Lord, because of Your strength.

Lord, thank You for Your strength. I will trust in You and say I am strong because of Your strength. The reality is that life can be very hard, but You carry me through the tough places. You comfort me when I cry. You soothe me when I hurt. You laugh with me when I laugh. Thank You. Thank You for teaching me to run to You — for teaching me to think of You first. You have never failed me and I know You never will.

I ask You, Lord, to encourage my friends. Remind them of who they are in You. Remind them no situation is hopeless when You are central to their life. You bring hope. You give hope. You are hope. Blessed be Your Name! I ask that You replace their confusion with Your wisdom and guidance. I ask that You replace their despair with peace. And I ask that You help them conquer the feelings of being overwhelmed by taking each moment of each day with You.

You go before us, Lord. You are in the task, responsibility, difficulty before we ever get there, waiting with arms outstretched to carry us through. I love that Truth — it comforts me. May it comfort others as they embrace this awesome reality.

You are sovereign, Lord. You are Almighty God. Wonderful. Counselor. Prince of Peace. And yet You know us by name. Thank You Father. We love you.


Please don’t carry your burdens alone — I would be honored to pray for you.

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