“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”
(Matthew 5:6)

Hunger and thirst. Both of these conditions refer to sustaining life. What are we to be hungry and thirsty for? Righteousness – right standing with God. Righteousness obtained through the blood of Jesus indicates relationship with God, the Father.

When we are hungry and thirsty for the Lord, our hearts are turned towards Him, our mind is consumed with His love. Our hunger and thirst brings us into His presence where the voids in our lives are filled, where the broken places are healed.

And when we find ourselves sitting at the feet of our Savior, we are blessed – happy through and through. When we long for our God and respond to His touch, we are filled – chortazo (khor-tad-zoe) – we are satisfied abundantly!

Righteousness calls to us just like that New York Cheesecake we want to devour (or banana pudding or chocolate bar or…) Are you hungry?

Yes, Lord, I am hungry for You!! I thirst for the refreshment of your Living Water. Pour Yourself out on me, Father. I want all of You. I want to be filled up to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit. Please, Lord, increase my appetite for You. Thank You, Lord.