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MessY Beneath Your Tapestry? His Grace is Enough

I pulled the hood on my jacket closer to ward off the chill in the air. Like the pattern in a tapestry repeated over and over, my footsteps trudged along our mountain road … over and over … my daily walk with Jesus consistent, predictable, and beautiful.

And usually beneath each step, a tangled mess of heartbreak and often frustration — just like the underside of a tapestry.

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Remembering the Essence of Grace

The quiet hush of the dawn distanced itself from the harsh winds of the storm. Sunlight filtered through the leaves — morning light sparkling like diamonds midst a setting of emeralds on the old juniper.

The storm had passed.

Peace had resumed.

God’s grace, beauty, and faithfulness surrounded me. Even though my spirit grew weary — I knew His love remained.

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Finding God’s Presence ~ A Prayer to Step Into the Light of Grace

Lord, I want to step into the light of grace where shadows fall away and all that is before me is the glory of Your Presence. I want to be wrapped in Your love, held by Your mighty arm like a child held against her Father’s chest where hearts beat as one. I’m safe in Your arms, Lord. I find peace there and the mountains of frustrations become molehills of distractions and I am over them, not under their torment. Thank You Lord. I like it there in Your arms…

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