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When Fatigue is Paralyzing, Jesus Carries Me

My body felt paralyzed with fatigue as fibromyalgia ran rampart. The clock tick-tocked the time away: 9:30 … 10:00 … 10:30 … and still I sat zoned out on the couch in my pajamas, searching for a brain that was missing.

The responsibilities of my day weighed heavy on me, but still the fatigue consuming me won the battle, holding me hostage.

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Faith Notes ~ Mandy Farmer: When God’s People Hurt You & Other Fibromyalgia Woes

Mandy Farmer and I met on Twitter through a hashtag: #Fibromyalgia. How about that? Not only do we share the difficulties fibromyalgia presents, but we also share the rewards and struggles of pastoral ministry through serving as pastors’ wives. She is a bright light on social media as she strives to minister to those who suffer with chronic pain and those who may feel alone in battle fatigued through pastoral ministry. I know you will enjoy learning her faith journey as she shares how she clings to the hand of God through it all.

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Where is God When I Need His Peace?

Lord, You are my strength when I am weak. You are my peace when my spirit is disturbed. You are my song when I am weary. What would I do without you? If I shouted my praise to the highest mountain — it would not be enough. If I literally spent my life worshiping You from sunup to sundown — it would not be enough. You alone are worthy of all praise. It is You, Lord, that I love.

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