God knows my heart before I utter a word

I held the warmth of my coffee cup to my chin, allowing the steam to rise and help remove the chill of this frosty spring morning. Sitting quietly, gazing out the window at the wonder of God’s creation, I sensed God’s presence drawing near. We didn’t speak. There was no need. God knows my heart before I utter a word.

Dementia is Difficult on a Good Day

David’s dementia is increasing, his ability to reason escaping his gentle spirit. It’s been a hard few days … and I needed to be held in my Savior’s love.

I could hear a tufted titmouse singing from the top of our apple tree. I often think that old tree must be her morning sanctuary to praise the Creator — she is faithful in her praise, persistent even on the windy, stormy days.

God knows my heart

I want the Lord to find me faithful too. I want praise to be the natural outflow from a grateful heart, but even more so, I want praise to flow spontaneously in the difficult place. God knows my heart, and comes near when I’m struggling — I want Him to always find praise residing there.

Our God draws near to the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit. His eyes roam to and fro across the earth seeking those who love Him that need to be strengthened.

How can I not praise Him? How can I not worship Him in the beauty of His holiness, in the magnitude of His love?

All my life He has been faithful.

With every breath I am able I will sing of His goodness and call upon His Name … Jesus. His light permeates my darkness — He is my song in the night.

And always will be.

God knows my heart, and He knows yours as well. He calls us His own. I’m so grateful for His love.

I’m So Thankful God Knows My Heart

As the lavender sky of a new day merged into the crystal blue of a spring morning, the tufted titmouse swooped from high in the apple tree to the birdfeeder outside my window. I could tell she was grateful, too, as she hopped from side to side feasting at the table set before her.

I whispered a thank you through the window. It was meant for her, but I’m sure the Lord knew it was for Him too, because God knows my heart.



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