Don’t be afraid of the impending darkness. God is with us.

There’s a dark cloud on the horizon — the deep charcoal winter-kind-of-dark cloud. A storm is coming with significant snowfall and fierce winds. A gray veil is settling over the mountain valley as the snow clouds roll in, softening the harsh brown of winter.

I sipped my coffee as I watched the sultry winter clouds deepen over the ridge.

To my right, down towards the old apple tree, a burst of sunlight made its way through the clouds and I could hear her song — a meadowlark rejoicing in the warmth of the unexpected light. Her song trilled across the impending darkness — perhaps in spite of the darkness and comforted my restless spirit.

Watch for the light in an impending storm.

Do you suppose she knows the storm is coming?

Do you suppose her song was spontaneous praise to her Creator?

Or perhaps an exclamation for God’s grace in the moment because the burst of light had strengthened her with its warmth?

I sipped my coffee and pondered.

My husband’s dementia is growing worse. I know our tomorrows are going to be difficult as we travel uncharted waters. Sometimes I feel afraid. Overwhelmed. I definitely don’t like it. That’s for sure.

But I also know my God is with me.

And I will praise Him.

Though sultry clouds are on the horizon, I will give Him praise for the moments of grace that strengthen and encourage me.

In Deuteronomy 33:25, the Lord promised Asher, “You will have enough strength for each day.” I believe He has promised me the same.

And you.

Strength for each day …

New mercies every morning …

But I think praise is a key component to receiving these promises because praise ushers in God’s presence. It opens the windows of heaven so the blessings can rain down. Praise fills the darkness with His glorious light and unfurls our wings of eagles so we might rise above the storm.

And on those days when my lips seem sealed and praise remains stuffed down deep, I hope to remember the meadowlark and her song in the face of the storm.

Will you?

With the impending storm, remember the One who loves you.

When storm clouds billow and darkness surrounds, will you think of the meadowlark and offer praise to the One who loves you? The One who is fully aware of the storm and is there with You protecting, providing, and offering strength through His grace?

Dear One, God is good. Storms never take Him by surprise.

And when we can’t praise Him for our circumstances, we can always praise Him for who He is.


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