The flame of affliction in my life is bringing about the purpose in my life.

I struck the match and pressed its flame against the candlewick. Within moments, a globe of fire consumed the string and burned bright. I watched as the flame grew stronger, melting the aromatic candle.

The more melting occurred, the stronger the fragrance — the farther its reach as the aroma of Caramel Pecan permeated the room.

The Flame of Affliction Can be Fierce

Closing my eyes, I leaned back and sat still, waiting on the Lord. I knew He wanted to show me something. Life had been hard. The flame of Affliction had been fierce.

I realized the candle’s flame was bringing about the purpose of the candle.

The flame of affliction in my life were doing the same.

Melting. Molding. Preparing me for such a time as this.

The flame of affliction in my life was bringing about God's purpose in me.

“Yet I am so thankful to God, who always marches us to victory under the banner of the Anointed One; and through us He spreads the beautiful fragrance of His knowledge to every corner of the earth. In a turbulent world where people are either dying or being rescued, we are the sweet smell of the Anointed to God our Father. To those who are dying, they smell the stench of death in us. And to those being rescued, we are the unmistakable scent of life. Who is worthy of this calling?” ~ 2 Corinthians 2:14-16, VOICE

Is my life a sweet fragrance of Christ ascending to the throne of God? Is yours? I think most of us ascribe to this beautiful thought and desire evidence of such, and in some moments perhaps my tongue, my attitude, my actions are a sweet aroma.

But then there are the days when my flesh stinks … even to me!

And this leads me to what I believe the Lord wanted me to see as I watched the candle burn.

It’s the flame of affliction that can melt our hearts, allowing the liquid love of our Father to flow through the barren and wounded places.

The hardened candle itself began to melt. The longer the “flame kindled upon it”, the more it melted and the more it melted, the more the fragrance was released.

I thought of my heart and the places I carefully guard from others. Could it be that in my guarding, I am also resisting the Lord’s presence there? His touch?

It’s the flame that melts the hardened candle.

It’s the flame of affliction that can melt our hearts, allowing the liquid love of our Father to flow through the barren and wounded places. As it flows, more and more melting occurs bringing healing, renewal … a sweetness of heart that fills to the brim with praise.

And that is when the sweet aroma of Christ rises to bring a blessing to our God, and permeates our surroundings bringing a vital fragrance, living and fresh to those around us, drawing them to Him — the One who loves them more than anyone can imagine.

The Fragrance of Christ, Such a Sweet Offering to God

A few hours later I blew on the candle. The flame went out and a plume of smoke rose, wafting upwards.

I couldn’t help but think of God’s consuming fire accepting a sacrifice on the altar of His love — an offering of a heart once hardened and now set free.

Bless the Name of the Lord.



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