Cast your cares on Him. He is our Burden-Bearer.
Cast your cares on Him. He is our Burden-Bearer.

The fly fisherman leaned back, ripples of river swirling around his knees. A glint of sunlight skipped across the water at the awakening of the dawn. Raising his fishing rod strategically upward, sideways, and a little bit backwards, he snapped his wrist and released the reel.

The whirling sound of fishing-line-set-free filled the air. It soared over the river, arching in the gentle breeze. The lure hit the water’s surface, carried by a specialized weighted line, sinking into the depths seeking its target.

I wonder if this is what it means to”cast your cares” on the Lord? Maybe what it looks like from a heart’s perspective?

Do we know? Do we know what we must do if we are going to cast our cares on the Lord … to find peace? If we are going to find freedom from our burdens of care?

The Apostle Peter tells us to “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

Cast your cares.

‘Cares’, in Greek is merimna. It’s taken from meiro = to divide, and noos = the mind. Isn’t that true? Cares divide the mind between faith and sight. Cares distract, produce anxiety and worry.

Cares create burdens we are not meant to carry.

HE is our Burden-Bearer.

Cast your cares on the Lord with such intention that you hear a splash when they hit the Living Water.
Cast your cares on the Lord with such intention that you hear a splash when they hit the Living Water.

Think of the fisherman: He approaches the river in the early morning — he approaches with delight and confidence, entering the water where his prize is.

With intention, the fisherman throws his whole body into the act of casting, flicks his wrist and sends the weighted line and lure sailing.

With purpose.

With intention.

Nothing casual or vague about it.

As I consider the river in my mind’s eye, I think of the Living Water that flows deep within us. It courses over and through the broken places bringing healing and restoration.

It ripples from the fountain — the Lord Himself, the source of all life and love.

The Living Water is at our fingertips waiting to carry our burdens far, far away if only we will trust — if only we will cast the weighted line of cares into its depths.

I want to approach the Lord with delight and confidence, to wade into the water of His love, desiring His presence, trusting fully in His faithfulness.

I want to cast my cares with so much intention that I hear the splash when they hit the Living Water whisking them far, far away. And when I feel that tug on the end, I know without a doubt He has received them.

And set me free.



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