In my sanctuary, I found the Lord.

I sat in the solitude of the porch — my sanctuary away from the difficult places. My eyes searched the heavens, my thoughts searched for the Lord.

It had been a hard day.

I Kept My Eyes to the Night Sky

The sun was setting, leaving a blazing canvas of tangerine and gold. Deep indigo blue swallowed the last brushstroke and faded into darkness.

I could relate to that darkness. It had tried to swallow me too. The glory of God’s presence in my life blazed as He called to me, yet His comfort seemed to fade into darkness as my husband wrestled the beast of dementia, leaving us both weary and worn.

In my sanctuary, I rocked in the quiet of the evening while David napped. I kept my eyes to the heavens where I often catch glimpses — reminders — of God’s abiding presence. In His mercy, the Lord was quieting me with His love, blanketing me with His peace.

As the twilight of evening transitioned into the darkness of night, the sky filled with stars. Tiny beams of light glimmered in the shroud of darkness, their gentle twinkle reminding me of praise.

In my sanctuary, I found God.

The stars had been there all along, but not until the darkness fell could I see them.

The Lord whispered to my spirit, Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you; Yes I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.*

Was the starlight actually a reflection of their Creator’s light because He was there in the darkness with them?

Lord, I responded, are You like the night sky? You are always with me, but in the darkness, once I find You, I can see You clearest. Your light penetrates with pinpoint precision overcoming my difficult places. You become my song in the night, the reason I sing. I discover the depth of Your love, the brilliance of Your mercy and grace.

In the darkness.

In My Sanctuary, I Found the Assurance of God’s Presence

Through the open window, I could hear David arousing from his nap. As I stood up to leave my sanctuary, I took one last, long glance at the night sky and my heart smiled. I know God is with me through the darkest night, and will carry me safely through to the awakening dawn.


* Isaiah 41:10


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