Pondering Dappled Light and My Walk of Faith

The cold wind swirled around me, sudden gusts pushing me along the gravel road. Dry meadow grass swayed and bowed at the wind’s command. Dappled light flickered beneath the forest’s canopy up ahead.

I had been walking a while, thinking perhaps too much, questioning the ways of the Lord — not with accusations, but with a heartfelt desire to understand.

I Needed a Reprieve from the Constant Assault of the Enemy

The past few weeks hammered away at my peace, leaving me weary of soul and needing a reprieve from the constant assault of the enemy. The wind only served to magnify my despair as its brutal chill and fierce bursts of energy nearly knocked me off my feet.

As I walked, the forest canopy thickened with evergreens. The sun glowed in the western sky awaiting its nod at the end of the day. Walking beneath the canopy the sunlight became dappled, sprinkled with patches of shadow.

pondering dappled light and my walk of faith

The afternoon’s source of light was ahead of me, but as it shined through the trees, multiple shadows flickered across my path — a mixture of light and darkness.

In my pondering, I realized I was walking through a visual of my walk of faith.

Light and darkness. Good and evil. Hope and despair. Courage and fear.

But I asked myself, Why is the light dappled on my path?

pondering dappled light and my walk of faith

The Spirit of the Lord stirred and whispered deep in my spirit, Because the source of light is ahead of you directing its rays towards you, piercing the obstacles with its radiance, and creating the darkness of shadows all around … just like Me.

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:8 (NLT)

When Darkness is Shattered into a Million Patches of Dappled Light

The Lord goes before me.

His radiance lights my path.

The light of the Lord’s presence diffuses the darkness, shattering it into a million patches of dappled gray. No longer does the darkness of struggle have a hold on me. It occurred to me that with the Lord leading the way, surely goodness and mercy weren’t far behind.

I smiled and exhaled a deep contented sigh and mosied on home.



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