No matter our circumstances, God's love is steadfast.
No matter our circumstances, God’s love is steadfast.

Lord, I know You are with me. Always! Regardless of my circumstances, You promised to never leave me nor forsake me. Even King David said “Where can I flee from Your Spirit?”

I know You are faithful to fulfill Your Word.

I trust You.

But right now, in the middle of this chaos, this crazy detour, this very difficult place, I cannot sense Your Presence. Although I know You’re here I need to feel the touch of Your hand.

Help me, Lord. I am so consumed by circumstances i can't see You.
Help me, Lord. I am so consumed by circumstances i can’t see You.

I’m so consumed with circumstances I can’t see You. I only see circumstances.

Change my focus, Lord. I want to fix my eyes on You once again. You are bigger than any problem I face.

Your love extends to the highest mountain and it stretches to the lowest valley where I find myself these days.

I know that I know You are in this valley with me.

Help me find the green pasture in these difficult circumstances where I can lay down and rest in You. Chances are it will be right there beside some quiet water that always brings me peace.

Lead me to Your resting place away from my circumstances.
Lead me to Your resting place away from my circumstances.

Lead me, Lord. Lead me to this resting place.

When I seek You, You promise I will find You.

I’m seeking, Lord … I’m seeking.

Forgive me for getting so caught up in my circumstances that I forgot about Your goodness, Your faithfulness, Your tender watchcare.

I forgot that when I weep, You weep; when I rejoice, You rejoice.

I forgot that You are very aware of everything I’m dealing with. Help me cast my cares on You, for I know You are waiting with arms outstretched to lift the burdens from my shoulders.

Thank You for the reminder. Thank You for Your love that is patient and kind, full of mercy and grace for Your children.

You are the Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth. You are my Abba, Father — my Daddy God. What a blessing You are!

In Jesus’s Name I pray,



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