The wind kicked up fallen leaves swirling them into tiny whirlwinds. A thunderhead began churning on the horizon. As the massive clouds streamed overhead, the sun became obscured. I rocked on my porch and watched darkness settle on the mountainside.

Just that morning I had read the story of Solomon building the temple.* “The Lord said He would dwell in the dark cloud,” Solomon told the children of God. I looked up at the afternoon sky, thick with dark storm clouds. I pondered what Solomon had said. I was looking for answers. I was looking for hope. Life had been so difficult lately because of job loss. I knew we had not been forsaken by the Lord, but I couldn’t put the pieces together. God is light and love and all things wonderful, so if I belonged to Him, how could life be filled with such darkness? There had to be an answer.

The sun peaked out from behind the darkest cloud in the sky. It was only for a moment, but it was a God-moment. As the sun revealed its crown of brilliant light, the cloud grew darker. Why? Could it be the darkness of the cloud was actually a shadow cast by the glorious light of the sun? That makes sense, doesn’t it? Without the presence of the sun, I don’t believe the cloud would be dark.

The light of God’s Presence must cast a shadow also.

Exodus 20:21 reads, “The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.” Throughout the Old Testament God shrouded His glory with a cloud. I had always pictured this cloud as being bright. But, according to my new theory, if God is in the cloud, the cloud would become dark because the Light of God’s Presence would cast a shadow.

When I understand that God is with me and yet I find myself in a dark place, could the darkness actually be because He is with me? Could it be the brilliant Light of His Presence overshadows the evil invading my life? If so, the reality of my darkness becomes the reality of His Presence.

Let that sink in: The reality of my darkness becomes the reality of His Presence.

*2 Chronicles 6:1,2

Father, I thought I understood about finding Your light in the darkness – finding Your Presence in our struggles. But now, I can sense Your Spirit coming on the scene when Your child calls out to You and the brilliance of Your Light overtaking the evil darkness. Praise You, Father! My darkness is but the shadow of Your wing. Bless Your Holy Name!
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