The awakening dawn quiets me with His love.

Remnants of snow lay heavy on the stark branches of winter. A faint glow in the eastern sky spoke of the awakening dawn pushing against the blanket of clouds covering the earth.

Stillness. Quiet.

Is There Anything More Beautiful than the Awakening Dawn?

Just moments earlier I had asked the Lord to quiet me with His love — to still my restless thoughts where anxiety lay. It was then I set my gaze toward the winter scene outside my window.

It was then His peace unfurled and covered me with His wings.

The awakening dawn quiets me with His love

I watched God’s light bathe the earth with newness of day — the softness could not elude my thoughts. What are You saying to me, Lord? I sense Your voice trying to break through the clouds covering my heart.

Taking another sip of coffee, I kept my eyes toward the eastern sky, my thoughts toward the Lord. With each passing moment, the light outside my window grew warmer, yet still quiet.

A holy hush.

A holy hush as nature recognized the presence of God.

Tears pooled in the corners of my eyes as I, too, recognized His presence.

The awakening dawn quiets me with His love

He didn’t come in like the roaring Lion of Judah that He is. Instead, He crossed over the mountain ridge in the breaking of day like a Shepherd looking for His lost lamb — the one frightened and tangled in a web of overwhelm.

The glow of His glory reflected off the fallen snow, casting soft light through my window. As I sat in the light of His presence, tension released its grip on my shoulders. My mind no longer raced and wrestled with the taunts of the enemy.

For my God was near. He had drawn near to my brokenness in the stillness of the morning light. He had quieted me with His love.

All through a holy hush of the awakening dawn.

“Be Quiet Before Me”, Says the Lord

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.* Be quiet before Me. Still. Remain confident in My love for You. I will never leave You, nor forsake You. I will carry you when the road is long and the pain is real. I will lift you high into the heavenly places where no weapon formed against you will prosper. You are My child whom I adore. Be still. Be quiet. Like the glow of the awakening dawn, I am Your shield. I will light Your darkness and lead You on.”


*Isaiah 30:15


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