Uncertain days rattled my soul, but God ...

The porch swing comforted me with its steady, peaceful rhythm. Uncertain days were taking a toll on my heart and mind. Fear of the unknown hounded me, and the rise of evil in this world rattled my soul.

I looked toward the ridge where the sun began its evening descent. Magenta began rising above the trees. Lavender and apricot clouds tossed their petals across the wide expanse as the North Star made its appearance. Soon a multitude of stars — glistening diamonds — would make their presence known against an indigo sky.

These Are Uncertain Days

I rocked back and forth thinking about the Lord.

Through adversity and great affliction, through crushing pain and the flames of the Refiner’s Fire, I lost everything to gain Christ and the great knowledge that He truly is with me. Always.

Even when my world falls apart — especially when my world falls apart.

And that goes for you too.

These are uncertain days.

These are uncertain days. Political upheaval. A racial divide that is breaking my heart. Riots. Violence. The loss of decency. Many are frightened of the days ahead that seem to swirl in darkness fueled by evil, deception, and corruption. But …

Grasp the wonder of God! Consider the majesty of who He is — His magnificence, His sovereignty, and the tender watch care He affords His children.

He is too great to comprehend, and yet He loves us and desires rich fellowship with us. God is fully aware of the state of our nation and world. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

We Face Uncertain Days With Jesus

And He hears the cries of His children pleading for mercy over our crumbling America.

How do we face these fears, these uncertain days? With our eyes focused on the One who holds the world in His hands, who tells the ocean how far it may come, who counts the hairs on our heads and knows our name.

We face our fears with Him.

I encourage you to sit on your porch, lounge on your deck or lay on a quilt beneath a summer sky and consider the works of His hands.

Fix your eyes on Jesus

Fix your eyes on Him, your thoughts resting in the sure place of His love.

Creation speaks to me. I’ve learned to hear His voice in the rolling thunder, to recognize His power in the electric current of a lightning strike. I’m awakened to His presence in the gentle breeze as He walks on the wings of the wind. I recognize the glory of His heavenly places reflected in the luminous prisms of sunrise and sunset.

And I find His holiness there. I believe you will too.

Jesus is Our Living Hope

Won’t you let Him into your hurting heart? Will you trust Him with a frightening future, knowing we can rest in His sovereignty? He is our living hope when facing these uncertain days.

Will you spend time grasping the wonder of God to better understand Him? Healing, peace, and courage are in His hands.



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