what difference does the grace of God make?

When I consider the ways of God, I often think about His grace – what difference does the grace of God make in my life?

Consider the Difference the Grace of God Makes

Recently, we awoke to cool mountain air. Rain peppered down on earth parched by two weeks of a hot late summer. The air felt fresh. Birds sang, praising their Creator for the refreshing rain.

My goodness, what a difference a day makes.

What a difference God’s grace makes!

what difference does the grace of God make?

Yesterday, not only did we experience another scorcher, but my attitude was dismal, my spirit parched, and my body extremely fatigued. Many tears trickled down my cheeks as life overwhelmed me and sorrows took their toll.

I called on my prayer warriors to lift me before the Lord because I was sinking fast. Not long after I put out a cry for help, the weight in my chest began to subside. I dried my tears and gazed out the window turning my thoughts to Jesus.

His delicate whisper deep in my heart called me to walk with Him along our country road. I grabbed my earbuds and some music, tied my tennis shoes, and stepped out into the afternoon sun.

Just as sweat beads soaked my face and hair, a gentle breeze began to blow.

I could sense God’s presence.

I could hear Him whisper His encouragement to me, reminding me I’m not alone, I’m not forsaken, but I am held — held near to His heart.

God’s love was sure, His grace recognizable to my parched spirit. I felt the touch of His hand in mine.

Are You Searching for God’s Grace?

Are you in this same place? Are you weary from the journey? Are you questioning what difference the grace of God makes when life is so hard?

Let me remind you that you are held as well. We are held by His amazing grace, His love beyond understanding. God’s everlasting arms are beneath us carrying us through the difficult and parched places. This I know! This I experience through faith.

what difference does the grace of God make?

God’s faithfulness is not contingent on us. It is contingent on who He is — the One True God, Maker of heaven and earth. He cannot not be faithful for He is faithful.

Every sorrow. Every sickness. Every failure that we face transforms into something beautiful when placed in His hands. They are too much for us to bear … too much.

Laying the weight of these burdens at His feet will set us free. But it requires being still long enough to change our focus, to fix our eyes on Jesus. In His Presence our burdens are lifted. In His Presence our soul finds rest.

In His Presence chains are broken, joy returns, and the peace that surpasses all understanding soothes our restless souls. His grace bathes us in goodness and mercy, and reminds us everything will be okay because He is with us.

God’s Grace Falls Like Rain

The parched earth lapped up today’s rain and cool air, setting it free from yesterday’s thirst.

God rained down His grace on me, too, satisfying my thirst. My soul is strengthened, my joy returned. I am reminded the One who holds all my tomorrows also holds my hand.

I am not alone.

And neither are you.



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