when lack of peace oozes into the night

The night was filled with tossing and turning, framed by restless thoughts. The day had been challenging with many difficult situations causing my lack of peace to ooze into my night.

Rising before dawn, I grabbed a strong cup of coffee and stared out the window at the dark shroud of night — that magical time just before the rising of the sun. The earth lay still. Peaceful. Immersed in the sound of silence.

The Eyes of The Lord Were Looking for Me

On the horizon, just over the ridge, a soft glimmer of light appeared. I watched as it grew in expanse and reach … slow … sure. Beams of light stretched through the forest branches sounding their jubilee over the approaching sun.

As I watched the light of day explode in the eastern sky, I thought of my storm-tossed night. The Holy Spirit quickened within me and I remembered, “The eyes of the Lord roam across the earth looking for those who love Him who need to be strengthened or encouraged.”*

when lack of peace oozes into the night

Thoughts of my restless night, my lack of peace, and my need for Jesus swirled through my mind.

I lifted my eyes toward the dawning light and whispered, “Jesus, are You searching for me with the light of Your love? I see beams of sunlight like fingers reaching through the darkness. Here’s my hand, Lord. Here’s my heart. Take hold of me and guide me through the darkness. You are my song in the night. I need Your peace.”

The sky began to flame with an ocean of fuschia and gold. The heaviness in my heart lifted as the oil of joy poured out upon my weary soul. My lack of peace was swallowed up in the immersion of God’s presence.

Birdsong rose from the old apple tree.

My song rose from depths now bathed in the light of God’s love, in the hope of a better tomorrow.

In the reassurance of His presence and the peace that follows.

My Lack of Peace Lifted with the Reassurance of Jesus

The shroud of darkness had lifted from the earth as droplets of morning dew sparkled in the morning light. A new day had begun, not only outside my window but also deep within my soul. My lack of peace oozing into my restless night had lifted.

I looked up toward the heavens, and escaping my lips came the song, “It is well … it is well with my soul.”


* 2 Chronicles 16:9


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