Where is God in my darkest night?

Out from hidden recesses of my heart — those wounds too deep for words — tears flowed. Totally unexpected. Thoughts pummeled me. Where is God in my darkest night?

He Will Rescue Me

My daily walk offers a wonderful time to spend with Jesus, walking, singing, talking. This particular day, leaves crunched to the rhythm of my steps while an October blue sky sheltered me from above.

“Glorious in holiness is His Name!” rang though my heart as I lifted my eyes to the hills from where my help comes. My help comes from the Lord.

Where is God in my darkest night?

Without warning and completely unexpected, something shifted within me. Thoughts and spoken words of praise morphed into deep agony. Words and thoughts and pain spewed from my lips as I relived my darkest night, torrents of tears flowing freely down my cheeks.

The more I poured out the emotional torment to the Lord, the more tears soaked my face.

I offered up clutter and debris from my heart.

I thought these things had been dealt with long ago — the pain of betrayal, the suffocating reality of dementia, great concern for a grandchild — the victim of sexual assault, the horrid touch of suicide, the fiery trials of ministry, and the loss of loved ones — too many to count.

The list could go on.

I’m sure you have a list too — those difficult and broken places that eat away at strong hearts filled with faith until the pain surfaces once again.

But this time something beautiful happened.

Jesus met me right where I was in that moment.

where is God in my darkest night?

In my ear, Lauren Daigle’s song, Rescue, played and spoke truth to my despair: “You are not hidden. There’s never been a moment you’ve been forgotten.”

My steps slowed as I listened intently.

“I will send out an army and find you in the middle of your darkest night. It’s true. I will rescue you.”

“You are not defenseless. I will be your shelter, your armor.”

“I will never stop marching to reach you in the middle of your hardest fight. It’s true. I will rescue you.”

It is true! He will rescue me once again and He will do the same for you.

How amazing to realize and remember that the Lord our God is the Lord of Hosts — the God of Angel Armies who pursues us with His love, who fights our battles for us, who surrounds us with His shield of faith to rescue us from the enemy’s grip.

He is the lifter of our heads — our Defender, Deliverer, Burden-Bearer.

He is our great reward.

Where is God in My Darkest Night? He is With Me

Where is God in my darkest night when pain overwhelms? He is with me. He is with you. He is drawn to our pain like a magnet to steel, pressing in to comfort us.

We are not hidden from Him, and our whispers of despair do not fall on deaf ears. The Lord will find us in the middle of our darkest night and rescue us. Amazing.

Amazing, indeed.



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