Praise releases the Living Water to quench our thirst when we are parched.

Praise releases the Living Water to quench our thirst when we are parched.

Lord of mercy and grace, You are so wonderful. You alone are worthy of our praise, especially when our circumstances are difficult. We can always praise You for who You are. You are good. You are faithful. You are our Redeemer, Deliverer. You are our fount of Living Water when we are parched with thirst. You, Lord, are our God.

Offering You praise lifts us above the fray into Your glorious Presence. Offering You praise opens our eyes to see You, awakens our hearts to rest in You.

It is the Deceiver that causes us to focus on circumstances rather than Your lovely face. Lord, if we could only remember that in the middle of the battle! Who wants to please the Deceiver? I don’t! But he woos me into his lies and overwhelms me with circumstances. Help me remember Your principle of praise, Lord.

Help others remember that too. Something as simple as praise — yet powerful enough to move mountains — will restore our peace of mind. Praise releases Your Living Water to quench the thirst of Your parched child.

Whisper to those who need to be reminded of Your love. I ask in the Name of Jesus that you would loose their tongues to give You praise. Stir joy into their frustrations, for the joy we have in You is our strength from day to day.

Together we call on Your Name, Jesus — the Name above all names. Set the captives free. Set our feet to dancing with the knowledge that we belong to You. We love You Lord and we give You all the honor and glory that is rightfully Yours, for You are simply amazing. Bless You Lord.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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Would you pray for me?

I will be at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writing Conference this week (and will therefore not be posting on Wednesday) and would cherish your prayers. I will have several important appointments with agents and publishing houses. The Lord honored me with the huge blessing of winning a scholarship to this conference and I want to honor Him by making the very best of my time there. It’s kindof scary, yet I know He goes before me and orders my steps. It’s like standing on the edge of the River Jordan, viewing your dreams and goals on the other side, and then taking a deep breath, moving your foot into the cold water and stepping out towards the Promised Land. Thank you for standing with me and praying. God is faithful, amen?