God alone is worthy of our praise, for He is faithful and will never fail us.

God alone is worthy of our praise, for He is faithful and will never fail us.

Father, Your love amazes me. Even when I fail You, You never fail me because of Your great love. Oh, that I could fathom it’s depth! Measure its width and height! Your love is beyond comprehension, and yet I try to understand. Your magnificence is wonderful to behold. Worthy are You, O my God.

Many are the calamities of this day, this world in which we live. Be merciful, Lord, and hide us — Your children — beneath the shadow of Your wing. Surround us with Your Presence that we might be comforted and secure.

I pray for those who feel alone in their sorrow, in their struggles, and their fears. You have promised to never leave us nor forsake us. You promised that You would be with us always, even unto the end of the age. Help us grasp hold of that Truth — You. Are. With. Us! Always. Especially, You are very close when Your child is brokenhearted or afraid or stands in need of Your exquisite love.

Open our eyes to see You in our midst. Open our ears to recognize Your voice giving comfort, guidance, or wisdom. And Lord, I ask that You awaken our hearts to worship You with our whole heart — to love You with all our mind and soul and strength. Draw us from our slumber, our complacency, and restore to us the joy of our salvation.

We exalt You Lord. You alone are worthy of our praise and adoration, for You, Lord are good. We love You.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray for you.

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