The Lord will fill our empty places with His love.

The Lord will fill our empty places with His love.

Lord, You came to shine Your glorious light into our darkness, to fill up our empty places with Your love, and to heal our broken places. Thank You. You are full of wonder and might. You are faithful and true. You are my God.

Draw me closer, transforming me into the image of Jesus so that others might see You in me. I want to represent You well. I want to be a vessel for Your glory. That sounds so holier than thou, Lord, but You know that’s not how I mean it.

The process of transformation and sanctification is not pleasant. It comes with trials and difficult places that purify us as gold. But it is in that process that we learn who You are and, like Moses, You show us Your glory. YOU are our great reward.

And that’s what Christmas teaches us, when we focus on You and not all the hoopla. Help us focus Lord. Open our eyes to see Your lovely face. Awaken our hearts to worship and adore You. Stir up a hunger within us to seek You first before and above all things.  Thank You for pursuing us with Your love.

May we find You this Christmas, for You are an awesome God. We love You, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name,



Christmas is an amazing joyful time, but for many, joy is clouded by the tears of great sorrow.

For many, the gaping hole of emptiness grows larger and the feelings of loneliness amp up. I know. I’ve been there. Are you or a loved one struggling with loss and heartbreak this Christmas? Please don’t carry your burden alone.  I would be honored to pray for you.

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