How God speaks out of the darkness?

Can We Learn to Recognize How God Speaks Out of the Darkness?

The blanket of darkness unfolded over the earth as the glory of the sunset descended behind the ridge. Silence fell. Like the glittering diamonds of a tiara, stars appeared one by one until all of heaven declared the glory of the Lord. I wondered, is this how God speaks out of the darkness?

The stars had been there all along, but were hidden by the bright lights and noise of the day.

Now in the silence of darkness they appeared.

And they sang glory to God.

Our times of darkness can be filled with diamonds of starlight also — if we will grope in the darkness for the hand of God. He is there. In the darkness.

If we will listen in the quiet, we may discover how God speaks out of the darkness, as well.

how God speaks out of the darkness?

Jesus instructed the disciples, “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light, and what you hear in the ear, shout it from the rooftops” (Matthew 10:27).

Whatever I tell you in the dark …

The Lord’s voice is ever so clear in the dark and difficult places. Maybe it’s because He promises to draw near to us when we are brokenhearted and crushed in spirit, requiring only a delicate whisper.

He is drawn to our pain like a magnet to steel.

God Speaks Out of the Darkness with Delicate Whispers Only His Child Can Hear

I believe we hear Him clearer in the dark because the glare and noise of the world is stifled. In our pain we tend to withdraw from the crowds. Our soul grows dim. And quiet. And numb. We mistakenly think because of the pain, God has surely abandoned us or the painful place would not have occurred.

how God speaks out of the darkness?

But truth be told, in our brokenness God is pursuing us with His love. He is working hard to break through the barrier we have erected around our heart.

He is speaking to us in His still, small voice. He is pressing in to comfort us. He is offering us peace and hope … if only we would open our ears to hear …

In the dark and difficult place.

Looking toward the night sky, I consider the stars. I consider how I never think about them in the daytime, even though they are there. It is in the darkness that I see.

In the darkness I remember.

And in the stillness, in the silence, His delicate whisper rises until my chin is lifted and I behold the glory of my God.



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