how to recognize God's abiding presence

A song in the wind whistled through the pines. Looking up, I took in the majesty of a September sky. I could hear the wind’s song — like a melody played on the strings of a violin. Soft and low. Its moan reflected the cry in my heart — the need for peace and reassurance. I needed to recognize God’s abiding presence.

I Looked for God Through the Eyes of My Heart

As pavement transitioned to gravel, and pastureland spread wide, three bluebirds swooped low, crossing my path. They perched on the rustic, moss-laden fence on the edge of the country road.

how to recognize God's abiding presence

My heart leapt at the sight, causing my eyes to lift towards the heavens. God used the blue of their feathers to shift my thoughts to the Tabernacle — God’s dwelling place. Blue tapestries in the Tabernacle were to remind the people of the One True God, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

The cobalt blue of the birds did the same for me.

Thank You, Lord. You know me well and You know what I need to remember and recognize Your abiding presence.

I paused along the gravel road to watch the bluebirds for a moment. My spirit began to stir within me. Once again, I lifted my eyes toward heaven.

Call to Me, Nan, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. *

I recognized the words of Jeremiah. Just the morning before I read from Jeremiah 33. He was in prison, falsely accused of defection to the enemy’s camp during a perilous time for Jerusalem. 

how to recognize God's abiding presence

In Jeremiah’s time of captivity — circumstances beyond his control which surely darkened his soul — the Lord spoke to him, Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

I recalled what I had learned in my Bible study the morning before: mighty things refer to things that are inaccessible. God promised Jeremiah that if he would call to Him, not only would God answer him, but He would reveal to Jeremiah great and mighty things that could not be known otherwise — things that would astound him, things that could be considered revelational insight.

I’ve been mulling around the idea of captivity a lot lately — being held captive by our thoughts, by our difficult circumstances, or by the broken places that won’t let go. To realize that God spoke such a remarkable word to Jeremiah during his captivity gives me hope.

Does it you?

We Will Learn to Recognize God’s Presence When We Call to Him

We all have places that consume us — places of the heart that keep us bound in the past, in the hurt, in the fear and doubt. But God tells us to call to Him — call to Him and He will shine light into our darkness, and we will see and know many mysteries of God, our Father.

how to recognize God's abiding presence

When we call to Him, He will teach us how to recognize His abiding presence.

We will gain understanding of those heart secrets hiding in the shadows of our inner man.

We will be given access to the wisdom of God and the result will be shalom peace — not the absence of chaos and difficulty, but the experience of contentment and wholeness in the midst of the chaos, difficulty, and broken places.

Great and mighty things will be ours to behold.

Treasures in the darkness.

I turned to begin my walk back home. As I approached the pine grove, the song in the wind accompanied me once more. But this time, the forest filled with birdsong and suddenly the mournful whistle joined the chorus and transcended into an orchestra of praise.

Hallelujah! Glory to the King!


* Jeremiah 33:3


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