So powerful is God's voice, so brilliant and bright.

The voice of the Lord echoes through the skies and seas.
The Glory-God reigns as He thunders in the clouds.
So powerful is His voice, so brilliant and bright,
how majestic as He thunders over the great waters! ~ Psalm 29:3-4, TPT

The Lord is our God,
    and we are His people,
    the sheep He takes care of
    in His own pasture.

Listen to God’s voice today! ~ Psalm 95:7, CEV

Lord, You are Almighty God — our Father. You are powerful, yet gentle, fully in control of our lives and what comes our way.

The Powerful Voice of God

Teach us of Your Sovereignty. You are not a puppet that we should tell You what to do. You are the Maker of heaven and earth! You tell the oceans how far to come, the sun when to bring forth the dawn.

His voice. Powerful, yet tranquil.

You are everything to me.

I love knowing Your voice quiet within me.

Thank You for the ability to hear You above the fray, to confirm what I hear in Your Word and through the counsel of many.

And I love that Your voice is not only powerful enough the calm the storm, but tranquil — soothing and comforting when I’m hurting and alone in my thoughts.

You know, Lord, even in the tranquil whispers of Your love, there is great power. You calm me when my thoughts are raging. Your voice steadies my heart. Your voice envelops me with goodness and mercy, and allays all my fears.

Tranquil, yet powerful in all things.

In Relationship We Learn to Recognize God’s Tranquil Voice

Open our ears that we might hear You clearer. Stir within us a hunger and thirst to know You more, to develop an intimate relationship with You, to make You our first love.

His voice is powerful enough to calm the storm, and tranquil enough is calm me.

In the relationship is where we learn to recognize Your voice.

In the relationship is where we experience Your power.

In the relationship is where we experience the tranquil comfort of Your love as we listen for Your whispers and take hold of Your hand.

Draw us near, Lord. You alone can satisfy the longing soul.

In Jesus’s Name I pray,



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