Stepping out in deep water can be a bit scary.

Stepping out in deep water can be a bit scary.

Lord, I know You are calling me to step out into the deep water. That is my desire too. But my heart and flesh fail me — I am overcome often by fatigue and anxiety. You, Lord, are the strength of my heart and my portion forever. It is You, Lord. Thank You.

I can’t do this alone … in my own strength. I ask that You pour over me a fresh anointing of power, passion, talent, ability, and joy. Grant me the wings of eagles to rise above and soar into the heights of heaven. Train my focus on You.

Awaken my heart to do Your bidding and as I step out in the deep, cause my body to strengthen that I may follow — in body, mind, and spirit. Thank You, Lord.

Our dreams, I believe, are Your dreams for us — Your giftings and abilities. Your purposes and plans for us. And I know many who feel Your tug on their heart to step out of their comfort zone into the deep water of the unknown.

But, You know what, Lord? You go before us, so if You are calling us out deeper, You are already there waiting for us — waiting for us to trust You and obey.

So why are we afraid? Why do we battle feelings of inadequacies?

You wouldn’t call us unless You had equipped us. You wouldn’t send us out unless You were preparing the way.

Help us understand these truths and get them in our knowers. Cause Your Word and promises to triumph over our fears. Give us the spunk we need to keep our hand to the plow, regardless of the obstacles the enemy throws in our way.

After all, he is beneath our feet. We can easily step right over him and continue on our way.

If we want to.

Help our want-tos, Lord. Our determination. Our endurance.

We love You, Lord. You are the Great God — our God, our Father, our Rock and our Salvation. Bless You, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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