The delicate light illuminating tear-stained praise.

A songbird perched in the stark branches of the old apple tree, winter still clinging, branches still bare. Her melody rang across the frost-laden earth, warming the atmosphere. A golden halo of sunrise lit up the crest of our mountain ridge with an amber glow and slowly spread across the forest, down the slope and grazed the top of the apple tree — the delicate light illuminating her feathers.

Light and song.

Winter awaiting spring.

For surely spring will come, hope will rebound across this land.

The Delicate Light Illuminating My Darkness is God Himself

I listened closely to her early morning praise. She sat upon branches bare, oblivious to the harshness of winter, and lifted her voice in praise. Was she responding to the golden light?

I have often responded to the golden light of God’s presence.

The delicate light illuminating tear-stained praise.

Stark realities of difficult places surround me, but His light guards my heart against the winter of my soul. The delicate light illuminates my darkness as He lifts my chin to behold His glory, and a song of praise erupts.

Often, the words are saturated in tears — the most precious of all praise.

Often, my praise consists of one word — Jesus. The Name above all names. The Keeper of my soul.

At the mention of His Name, the light of His presence grows stronger, clearer. At the mention of His Name I find peace, sheltered in the light of His glory.

My eyes search the apple tree for the songstress now flitting from branch to branch. She is bathed in morning light, her song stronger, traveling across the mountain glimmering with winter’s frost.

Her song seems to expand the light.

My song expands the Light.

The darkened crevices of my heart, once shattered into a million pieces, have been healed by the light of Christ, the delicate light illuminating my brokenness. Tear-stained praise ushered me into the presence of the One I love, bathing me in the amber glow of hope that quickly spread and joined me in song.

I Pray for Your Healing

I pray the same for you, my sweet friend. Tear-stained praise is a sweet aroma to the Lord, a beautiful sacrifice that He will respond to with tenderness of love.

Be healed in the Name of Jesus.



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