With the Lord, there is always a way.

With the Lord, there is always a way.

Oh Lord, I hear You calling to me. I’m coming, Lord. I’m coming. Thank You for never forgetting I am Your child. Thank You for keeping me on Your mind. I want to walk in total abandon with You Lord – no reservations. No distractions. No need for attitude adjustments. Just total abandon bathed in the beauty of a love story that only You could write. Thank You for loving me so beautifully. Thank You for teaching me Your mysteries, Your secrets – those special treasures You reserve for Your children who desire to know You more. You are awesome Lord.

I lift up those who are bent by the weight of their burdens. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but You promise to deliver us out of them all. Stir that truth into the hearts of Your children who are fearful or heavy-laden, or consumed with worry. You are faithful, Almighty God. You are merciful and kind. You hear us when we cry out to You and You draw near to us in our brokenness. Encourage these, my friends, who want to give up – those who think there is no way out of their situations. With You, Lord, there is always a way. You are the Master of making a way where there seems to be no way.

Bless You Lord, for You are holy and worthy of our praise. You are our song in the night, our light in the darkness. Thank You for being our God.


Life is overwhelming at times, isn’t it? I know. I get it. But I also know how faithful the Lord is to hear us when we call out His Name. Please don’t carry your burdens alone. I would be honored to pray with you. You may contact me directly at nan@nanjones.com